Commitment to the Environment

Working for a cleaner environment

Sustainability is a journey which never ends. It requires passion and dedication, initiative and ingenuity, insight and obligation.

Donarra Extrusions is a leading manufacturer of polyolefin sheet and is well known as an organization committed to bringing value and quality to its customers. We believe our responsibility is not only to our customers, but also to the environment. As a company, we have established realistic and achievable environmentally friendly goals for our manufacturing and business practices. We strive to use resources in a responsible manner and we are focused on achieving sustainability through ongoing improvements that protect our environment, our employees, and our business profitability.

100 percent post-consumer products

Donarra extrusions offer 100 percent post-consumer sheets for a number of various applications.

Donarra Extrusions has a dedicated line of post-consumer products made from plastic resin pellet to final product. The material Donarra Extrusions buys from our post-consumer plastic resin supplier is indeed post-consumer material and certified by their firm. The material is produced from almost 100 percent post-consumer recycled bottles only of mixed color. Examples include laundry detergent bottles, fabric softener bottles, bleach bottles, some types of dishwashing liquid bottles, etc.We say “almost” 100 percent since there may be some very small inclusion of bottles that may not be from curbside recycling. Practically speaking, production is from 100 percent post-consumer recycled bottles.

The post-consumer resin purchased from our supplier is received in 40,000 pound truck loads. These materials are carried in our resin inventory and segregated as post-consumer resin. This post-consumer resin is produced or run in sheet form for our line of products that are specified to contain post-consumer contents. The sheet runs are usually made “to order” and sheet lots are then specifically labeled and segregated from our standard sheet which only contains postindustrial or reclaimed materials.

It is Donarra Extrusions’ goal to meet all specifications and deliver 100 percent satisfaction with all products supplied to the markets that we serve.

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