Donarra Polylite is a lighter, more economical version of the popular Donarra HDPE. This marine-grade sheet has a high-density polyethylene cap on both sides and a closed cell structure inner core with an excellent surface finish that can be used in high-visibility applications where structural strength and a finished edge are not important.

Donarra Polylite Advantages:

  • Donarra Polylite sheets are up to 15% lighter in weight than Donarra HDPE
  • Our Polylite can be made with various surface finishes and colors for a perfect match.
  • As with Donarra HDPE, Donarra Polylite is made with excellent consistency and flatness and has a thickness tolerance of plus or minus 7%.




Custom Color Available





  • Custom sheet plastic extrusion
  • Polyolefin products
  • HMWPE, HDPE, etc.
  • Sheet width up to 77 inches
  • Gauges from .025" - .750".
  • Rolled sheet plastic made to customer specifications


  • Co-extrusion capability
  • Laminations on plastic sheet
  • Efficient use of post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Unique custom orders with rapid response
  • Lightweight polyethylene sheet
  • Custom color match