About Us

The Company

Donarra Extrusions is a small family enterprise that began with an empty building and one sheet line in October 2010. The company quickly grew in its modern 30,000 square foot facility to three sheet lines. Donarra Extrusions is a company specializing in the manufacture of polyethylene plastic sheet serving the needs of manufacturing companies and distributers throughout the United States.

Donarra Extrusions partners with the Florida Workforce, On the Job Training Program providing skills training to employees. Now with more than 25 employees manufacturing polymer products around the clock Monday through Friday, Donarra continues to grow.

The Donohue family intends to maintain independent ownership and control. Mr. Donohue intends to maintain the same high standards and values at Donarra Extrusions which have made him a successful businessman in the past.


The vision of Donarra Extrusions, LLC is:

Donarra’s vision is to be the industry benchmark for quality, responsiveness and optimal value for each of our customers. Working towards this goal, the Donarra Team consistently strives to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional services based on innovation, persistence and standard of excellence, and always in the framework of our core values.

Mission Statement

The central purpose and role of Donarra Extrusions, LLC is defined as:

Donarra strives to be the vendor of choice and trusted advisor to our customers. We provide a work environment where our employees can achieve their potential and thrive in a safe yet challenging atmosphere. Integrity is the basis for all interactions with our customers and associates. Donarra’s performance-driven culture uses measurement statistics to ensure continuous improvement in the areas of safety, quality, cost, and schedule. We appreciate our achieved success and are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and employees. Our overall goal is to be the standard for excellence in Plastic Extrusion products.

Corporate Values

The corporate values governing Donarra Extrusions, LLC’s development will include the following:

Donarra Extrusions, LLC considers its Core Values consisting of Safety, Individual Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Growth, and Commitment as the framework for all relationships. We value these in our partners and customers. Donarra believes that practicing these values creates long-term benefits for customers, employees, and business partners.

Capabilities (what we do best)

Custom sheet extrusion
Polyolefin Products
Sheet width up to 77 inches
Gauges from .020 to .750 inches
Rolled sheet plastic made to customer specifications
Co-extrusion capability
Efficient use of post-consumer recycled plastic
Unique custom orders with rapid response
Lightweight polyethylene sheet
Custom color match
New Project research and Development
Corona Treatment of HDPE
New line of TPO products

We are focused on serving the commercial or government marketplace as a prime contractor or partner to other companies.

Experienced in the following NAICS codes

NAICS Code: 326199
NAICS Code: 326113
SIC#: 3081

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code

CAGE Code : 6QU50

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